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Best Duty Free Shops in the World

Duty-free shopping is a very enjoyable part of the trip. Many shoppers enjoy finding products that are not available anywhere else or are significantly more expensive.

Choosing your favorite airport for shopping in Duty Free is a matter of taste. However, some duty free shops stand out for their assortment. Introducing you top 10 best Duty-free shops travel reviews and respected travel publications such as Travel Pulse and Skytrax World Airport Awards.

10. Dubai Duty Free International - Dubai Airport (UAE)

Dubai Duty free InternationalThe problem with some duty free shops, even at major airports, is that they close before the last flights arrive. However, this will never happen at Dubai airport. Local shops, located in all three terminals and in the departure and arrival areas, are open 24/7.

According to Travel Pulse, Dubai International's duty-free shops generate more revenue than any other duty-free mall in the world.

One of the most popular purchases in Dubai Duty Free is perfumery, with a total share of 17% in annual sales. It is also difficult to resist buying oriental sweets, which are considered one of the most delicious in the world. And ladies are unlikely to pass by jewelry, especially since the price per gram of gold is quite acceptable.

9.SM Duty Free - Incheon Airport (South Korea)

SM Duty FreeOne of the best airports in the world is in the top ten even when it comes to profitable purchases in Duty-free. It has 90 duty free shops. Think of it like a shopping mall with an airport attached to it.

The huge SM Duty Free store can be found in the east wing, near gates 12 and 14, in the DF9 departure area.

Here are the goods of 160 of the most prestigious brands, including Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Gucci, etc. According to tourists, prices for electronics are very attractive, but alcohol costs the same or even more expensive than at other international airports.

Incheon's duty-free space is second only to two other airports on our list - Heathrow and Dubai.

8. Duty Free shop - Schiphol Airport (Holland)

Amsterdam Airport SchipholSchiphol is working hard to maintain its position as one of the leading airports in Europe, luring visitors to Duty Free with great discounts and promotions such as “buy two goods get third free”.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, located behind passport control, houses over 75 duty and tax free shops with souvenirs, Dutch waffles, elite alcoholic beverages, perfumes and many other goods. Duty-free shops open one hour before the arrival of the first plane and close one hour after the last plane departs.

If you are flying within the European Union, use the Shop & Collect service. Just inform the seller at the checkout of any store at the airport that you want to pick up the item on the way back.

7. Zurich Duty Free - Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

Zurich Duty FreeThis airport has all the classics of duty free: alcohol, tobacco, perfume and chocolate, which is considered one of the tastiest in the world. Also pay attention to Swiss watches (retro models and limited editions). You can order online in advance on the Zurich Duty Free website and then pick it up at the store to catch your flight.

The shopping center of Zurich Airport cannot be called a cheap place, there are mainly expensive brands. However, the rich assortment and its high quality still make you buy at least one thing.

6.DFS - Changi Airport (Singapore)

Changi Airport, Duty free DFSSoutheast Asia's major air hub has one of the best duty free zones in the world. Duty free shops are located in every terminal and on almost all floors of the airport.

Here you can find quality electronics, Singaporean souvenirs, Asian cosmetics and perfumes at very competitive prices. But foreign products are often more expensive than in Europe and the United States. If you are in Changi, we recommend stopping by Irvins Salted Egg for the famous salted egg snacks.

5. Duty free shop - Fiumicino Airport (Italy)

Fiumicino airport duty free shopsMost tourists visiting Rome's Fiumicino airport are raving about the huge range of perfumes in the local duty free zone. The price range is very wide - from 20 to 200 euros. However, the quality of the most inexpensive perfumes is still excellent.

Those who arrive at Fiumicino airport with a companion will have to endure a severe test for the nerves and the wallet. After all, the air gate of Rome is the place from which a true fashionista will not want to leave. The variety of designer clothes and accessories simply dazzles.

However, men will also have something to do. Prices for European branded alcohol at Rome airport are quite democratic, although wine costs the same or even more expensive than domestically.

4. Airport Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Frankfurt Airport Duty FreeGermany's busiest airport is ranked in the Top 10 Shopping in Duty Free by the Skytrax World Airport Awards and many other major sites. Its Duty Free Zone spans four soccer fields.

The main "shopping street" (open from 6 am to 9:30 pm) is located in Terminal 1 in Departure Hall B. It has about 30 shops and points of sale of food and drinks.

And the shopping mall (open from 6 am to 10 pm) in Terminal 2 boasts a balanced mix of clothing, accessories, travel goods and liquor. At Frankfurt Airport, you get the best value for money in Europe on alcohol and tobacco.

3. Marmalade Market - Hamad Airport (Qatar)

Hamad airport, duty freeThe top three airports with the best Duty Free shops in the world include the air hub of another eastern country. Even if there is only one terminal in it, you won't get bored in it, because the duty-free zone occupies 40 thousand square meters.

On the territory of Hamad there are over 50 different boutiques operating around the clock. Separate sections are allocated for the most prestigious brands in the world such as Hermes, Coach, Victoria's Secret, etc.

However, branded items can also be bought in other duty-free zones. But such delicious Qatari sweets as in Marmalade Market are not found anywhere else in the world.

Qatar Airways passengers often provide additional bonuses for Duty Free purchases.

2. Duty free - Chek Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong)

Chek Lap Kok Airport, shopsAll of Hong Kong is one huge Duty free, but Chek Lap Kok Airport is a true shopaholic paradise.

The Yeasun store (Terminal 1) sells Chinese goods - from food and drinks to tobacco, the Design Gallery offers souvenirs made by local craftsmen, and Amazing Grace offers beautiful oriental-style clothes. And complete your shopping (still without leaving Terminal 1) by purchasing electronics from Sound & Vision Enriching Life. In addition, the airport has boutiques of famous brands such as Lacoste, The Plaza, Burberry, Cartier, etc.

A great gift for a child can be purchased at The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland. As you probably already guessed from the name, they sell things based on Disney cartoons.

1. World Duty Free - Heathrow Airport (England)

Heathrow Airport, Duty Free WorldIf size matters, London Heathrow Airport is the best place to shop in duty free.It boasts 48,000 m² of retail space across its five terminals, and prices range from pocket-sized to premium.

Terminal 3 is home to 40 luxury retail outlets including Hermes, Cartier, Dior and Gucci. And many of England's best brands can be found in shops in Terminal 5. Free beauty services can be obtained from Clinique (10 minutes), Estee Lauder (2 minutes), Sisley (15 minutes). In Terminals 3 and 5 there are Chanel perfume boutiques selling rare fragrances: No. 18, No. 22, 31 Rue Cambon, Cuir de Russie at discounted prices.

Heathrow also houses the World of Whiskies, a huge store that offers about 350 whiskeys, including rare and exclusive options. This whiskey will be the best gift for a true connoisseur of fine alcohol.

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